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Welcome to the Emporium Hotels Gift Shop

Welcome to the Emporium Hotels Gift Shop

Champagne & Chandeliers - French Edition

The must-have coffee table book by Champagne doyenne Bernadette O’Shea. Available in  French edition.

After a twenty-five year career in champagne, Australian author Bernadette O’Shea has probably tasted more champagne than most of us have had glasses of water. Her highly original approach combines entertaining reading with unique and priceless knowledge in a luxe format, at a time when champagne is becoming widely appreciated as a serious food wine. Exquisite images of chandeliers throughout the book are a visual expression of what we find so inexpressibly tantalising about masses of fine bubbles leaping gaily out of a crystal glass.

Thirty-five stories, 220 champagnes and 30 champagne house profiles are accompanied by rare and privileged photographs of royal menus, salons within private châteaux and palaces, crown jewels, aged cellar treasures still resting on the lees, priceless artefacts and fine art.